Personal Career Solutions: The New Name for Career World

About us

Personal Career Solutions has been providing career management services to senior and executive level professionals for over 13 years.

As the only consultancy in our field with an ISO accreditation, you can rest assured that Personal Career Solutions will provide you with the highest quality of service in the UK.

In 2009, our parent company, UK Apollo Group Ltd, was featured in the prestigious "Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite", recognised as one of the UK's fastest growing companies. Here at Personal Career Solutions, we are proud to be identified amongst such an elite group.

Assisting your career progression

Our primary concern is to help mid-senior level managers, professionals and executives with career progression, be it a step up the ladder or a complete change in direction. We provide bespoke mentoring and career coaching services drawing on your skills and experiences and ultimately creating a highly marketable package tailored to your individual career objectives. All services provided by Personal Career Solutions are 100% candidate driven.

We are committed to providing the most forward thinking career management and outplacement services and continually evolve our programme delivery, be it through technological advances or improvements to our process and general practice.

The Unadvertised Job Market

The majority of our clients find their next role through the unadvertised job market, by building a network of contacts and targeting companies which will complement their objectives. The network built throughout a Personal Career Solutions programme will not only help you in your current job search, but will also aid you throughout the rest of your career.

Penetrating the unadvertised job market means you can really put your career into your own hands and expedite both the time it takes you to reach your goals, but also your overall career satisfaction.